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If you are into fantasy, adventure, and movie series, you may want to watch Game of Thrones Season 4, a hip and most talked about TV series from HBO. If your favorite movies are like Lord of the Rings or Dungeon and Dragons, this TV series will appeal you the most.

What’s interesting from this series is the fact that it is made from a novel series written by George R. R. Martin with the name A Song of Ice and Fire. The first novel was given title A Game of Thrones, while the second and the third were given titles A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. The fourth is A Feast of Crows, and the fifth is A Dance with Dragons. The novel got lots of positive critics, responses, and managed to get awards of British Fantasy Award, Locus Poll Awards, Hugo Award, and also World Fantasy Award. The sixth and seventh series are still in the process of writing and planned to be titled The Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring.

Similar to the novels, the series also managed to get nominations and awards from exclusive and prestigious events, such as Best Dramatic Presentation in Hugo Award, Peabody Award, nominations for Golden Globe for the Best television series and also Emmy Award nominations for Primetime Outstanding Drama Series. Some of the cast also got award for Outstanding Supporting Actor for the Emmy and Golden Globe.

Despite the controversy of violence and adult contents – nudity and sex scenes – this series have gained quite strong fan base. There are features of the show in Comic Cons where cosplay is often involved. Just like the Lord of the Rings, most of the characters have won the viewers’ heart. The adult contents remain controversy up till now with parents being disagree, but producers and people behind the productions claim that those materials are needed for the plot of the story. The show is also popular for its loads of characters. In fact, you need to really pay attention to what’s going on or you will be lost and clueless. Remember who is being who, and the role of one another in the story.

The story is about the Iron Throne and how everyone is trying to get it. The settings are fictional places called Essos and Esteros. Some different plots are connected to one another, and some of them are interwoven when they meet. In the first season, the story is about noble houses and their members during the civil war to get the Iron Throne from Seven Kingdoms. The second season mostly focuses on the rising concern and threat of winter and the rising of mythical creatures from the North. The third season is about the exiled deposed dynasty and their attempts to reclaim, again, the throne. The characters are many and mostly ambiguous, but you get to learn about religion, social hierarchy, civil war, corruption, loyalty, punishment, and crime.

Martin took some of historical elements when making the novel. Much of the plot and elements were taken from the Wars of Roses – happening in 1455 to 1485 – between two main houses at that time, York and Lancaster. In the story, the war happens between Stark and Lannister. Knightly tournament and castles were based on the High Medieval time of Western Europe. The character Cersei, is similar to Isabella, French she-wolf, lives from 1295 to 1358. There are also combinations of Roman fall, Atlantis legend, Icelandic sagas, Greek Byzantine fire, Mongol hordes, Italian renaissance, Viking age, and so many more.

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